2006 Fishing Reports


Jan 20 2006

New season starting I have a new boat now its a 34 crusader it has a/c in it for the hot days in summer.
bottom fishing has been good with limits of Black sea Bass.
Starting to fish for Bluefin tuna their has been reports of the fish spoted off our coast and southern NC.will find out in the next week.

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Jan 22, 2006

Bluefin bit is on in Myrtle Beach.Caught this fish Sat..
weight 510 lbs .so come on down and do a big fish charter before they move on.1st trolling fish on my new boat.

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Feb,9 2006

Black bass bitting good 5 to 15 miles out,had a good catch today.

Feb 15 2006

Went out to the Gulf Stream today.Slow Trolling could not find no water temp or color we needed.fished from 100/400 line to blackjack no fish.So we went to bottom fishing and made a day of it.

Feb 16 2006

Good day fishing 1/2 day trip lots of Black bass and those fighting dog sharks

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Feb 20 2006

Had a great day fishing on a 1/2 day trip with Black bass and sharks today. This kid wore his arms out with the bottom fish. Now is a good time to take the youngsters bottom fishing on the half day trips.

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March 6 2006

More Black bass and sharks fished two trips today in 45 to 65 foot of water,

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March 08 2006

Great day on the ocean it was flat calm inshore fished 1/2 day with good catch of Black bass and sharks.

March 11 2006

Good day in the Gulf Stream we did'nt catch the Wahoo and Tuna but the King Mackeral were biting strong we ended up with 18 fish.

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March 16 2006

The ocean laid down nice today, caught Black Bass in the 90/90s weeded through the small ones for a decent catch.

March 19 2006

Good catch of Black Bass today limited out on trip with some nice fish from 10' to 15' size. Couple of sharks. Looks like the fish have moved down to the west in 60 ft of water.

March 23 2006

Today ocean was nice. Caught a lot of Black Bass around the 410/510 but had to weed out a lot of small ones. Next week we have some Gulf Stream trips coming up can't wait to get out and catch some Yellow Fin Tuna.

April 5 2006

Been catching a lot of Bass inshore on half day trips the last week. But this was an awesome day on an offshore trip. Filled the cooler full of big Black Bass 13 to 18 inch. Also heard some boats are catching wahoo and Yellow Fin Tuna in the stream. I get to go Saturday if the wind don't blow.

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April 7 2006

Little Tuna are showing up now 5 to 8 miles out caught 3 today 5 to 8 lbs.

April 5, 2006

More big black bass

April 10, 2006

The Atlantic bonita are showing up now. We caught a couple today.

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April 12.2006

Went to the stream today,could not find the Tuna or Wahoo at the 100/400 line. Water temp was 75 and clean and blue but no fish. Back in 125 foot of water we had a nice catch of King Mackeral.

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April 13 2006

Had an ok day in the Gulf Stream at the Steeples today. 4 Wahoo and 1 Yellow Fin Tuna. There was a good weed line offshore of the Steeples with a nice water color change too.

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April 17 2006

Caught some Atlantic bonita today at the 90/90. Looks like they are starting to show up a little more. They are excellent fish to eat and the fight on small tackle is like fighting a 50lb Yellow Fin tuna on 50 class tackle.

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April 23 2006

Went to the Black Jack hole and 100/400 line in the Gulf Stream today we had a good bit 1st thing but lost 5 fish in a row.the seas were big, swells up to 10 feet.Wich mad it hard to fight the fish.Caught 1 Wahoo and 1 Yellow Fin Tuna.

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April 22 2006

last couple of days we have been doing half day trips for the inshore tuna bit.They have been bitting early and quiting around 10.30 am.Around the Sherman Wreek.

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April 24 2006

Well the inshore tuna bit is over fish have moved on with the water temp getting warmer.Next week the king mackeral and spanish mackeral should be showing up on 1/2 day trips and 3/4 day trips.
Its been to rough to go to the stream for the Yellow Fin Tuna bit, hope next week the wind wil lay down for us to get to the Gulf.
We been doing well with the Black Bass inshore on 1/2 day trip on live bottoms.

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May 3 2006

Bit is on in the Gulf Stream good catches of Dolphin Wahoo and Yellow fin tuna.Will post some pics next few days.

May 17 2006

Been doing goood in the Gulf Stream with catches of Wahoo Yellow fin tuna and Dolphin on Gulf stream trips
Inshore had a great day with this charter, the Kings where caught about 35 miles out in the 270 line. with on nice Grouper caught on the planer trolling.

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May 24 2006

Nows the time to go to the Gulf Stream, fishing is hot out there
Wahoos and Dolphin.Had a good trip today in the 100/400 line in 250 foot of water.

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May 19 2006

Nice Grouper we caught today trolling down deep on the planer in 75 foot of water

May 30 2006

Good trip today with a nice catch of Wahoo and Dolphin in the Gulf Stream with this group from N.C.

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June 1 2006

Good day bottom fishing Grouper and Snapper bit is doing good in 100+ water

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June 5 2006

Been doing alot of 1/2 day trips with good catches of Spanish Mackeral on the beach and King Mackeral 5 miles out.

June 6 2006

Had a good bit today at the Gulf Stream with a nice big 80lb Wahoo and Dolphin.Will post pictures soon.

June 8 2006

Sharks are bitting good on half day trips.They pull so hard that your arms will give out.

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June 11 2006

Pics of Wahoo caught this past week in the Gulf Stream

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June 18 2006

Ok day in the Gulf Stream caught some nice Dolphin and Kings and lost some fish.Had a great time fishing with Braddy and family.

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June 25 2006

Cobia bitting drifting at the 410/510 on half days caught 3 in one trip.King and sharks too.

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June 25 2006

Got alot of trips in last week with the nice weather fishing been doing good on Gulf Stream trips catches are Dolphin and wahoos
inshore Kings and Cobia and sharks

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July 5, 2006

Fishing has been wide open and the weather has been great. We've been doing real good in the Gulf Stream for wahoo and king mackeral, couple of 30-40 pound fish caught last week. On the bottom side, we've gotten grouper and snapper and black sea bass. As far as inshore fishing goes, it's been spotty. Some days we limited out on mackeral, some days we just catch a few. We have caught some nice cobia inshore on wrecks over the last few days. This was a unique trip - we ran into a school of bruiser spottails, 40 pounders, out about eighteen miles.

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July 25 2006

Been wide open with the fish on charters big Black Tips sharkes are on the beach now with good catches on half day trip and night trips

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August 10 2006

Last week we've been catching a lot of spanish on the beach and black tip sharks. On my offshore trips, we've been catching snapper, grouper, and king mackeral. I haven't been to the Gulf Stream, but I'll go this weekend. I heard that there has been wahoo showing up now. When September gets here it will be prime time to go back to the gulf stream as the water cools off. Book now for September and October gulf stream trips. Here's a pic of a small shark caught on a half day trip.

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Sept. 4, 2006

We had a good day in the gulf stream. It was an all girls trip out to the break. The first fish on was a nice sailfish. Over the next six weeks will be prime time for big wahoo and sailfish and a few scattered tuna mixed in when the water cools down.

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November 9, 2006

We've been catching a lot of king mackeral and grouper in 65-100 ft of water on half days and all day trips. Gulf stream fishing, we caught a few more sailfish and scattered tuna. The wahoo have been the most productive. Gearing up for the bluefin tuna bite which begins December 1st. We'll be running charters for the bluefins out of Morehead,NC and Myrtle Beach when the fish move south.

Nov 15 2006

Doing some shrimping on some 1/2 day trips catching alot of star fish ,crabs and shrimp good trip to show kids some marine life.

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Nov 13 2006

Why buy farmed rasied shrimp or imported shrimp keep it in the US.

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