After July 2009

July 1 2009

Dolphin and King inshore now on 8 hrs.

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July 2 2009

Shark are on the beach now Black tips and others good catches of shrimp to in the net.

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July 3 2009

More sharks for the kids big sharks showing up now.

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July 10 2009

Sharks and Spanish Mackeral last week

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July 14 2009

The Atlantic sharp noise are back close to beach on 1/2 days caught spanish and sharks today

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July 15 2009

More sharks

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July 16 2009

Young group with some Spanish Mackeral today

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July 17 2009

Capt fish hook Jr in training.

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July 21 2009

Alot of 1/2 day trips now on the beach with good catches of Spanish Mackeral

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July 22 2009

Some more Mackeral today

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July 24 2009

Sharks are back close to the beach now on 1/2 day trips. Good fun with kids.

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August 13 2009

Sorry ive havent posted many pics the last few weeks.Been doing alot of 1/2 day trips for Spanish Mackeral and Sharks.The King Mackeral and Dolphin have slowed down but will pick back up in Sep. and Oct.
Today we had a good catch of Big Sea Bass on a 8 hr trip.

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August 18 2009

Spanish Mackeral doing good this week on 1/2 day trips

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August 19 2009

This young guy has his hands full with a shark today

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August 20 2009

Sharks on night trip,they been bitting better at night this week.

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Sep 01 2009

fishing getting better with the water cooling down now

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Sep 02 2009

More sharks for the kids on 1/2 days

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Sep 09 2009

More sharks on 1/2 days

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Sep 12 2009

Caught alot of Spanish Mackeral today and one nice King Mackeral on 1/2 day trip.I get to go to the Gulf Stream this week on Tues and Thur.
Hope to have some pics of Big Wahoo.

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Sep 16 2009

Nice king Mackeral

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Sep 17 2009

Gulf Stream trolling still slow today with a few Dolphin. Water today was 86, needs to drop down in the 70s for tuna and wahoo to be thick.This should happen soon. bottom fishing is too easy with good catches of Snapper and Grouper.

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Sep 25 2008

Nice catch of Sea Bass and Grey Snapper and Grouper today on 8 hr trip with group from Union S.C.

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Sep 25 2009

whey would you vote to end fishing for Grouper like this on and replace it with imported farmed fish full of antibiotics,that the American public dont know about.Wake up America!!!!

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Oct .02, 2009

Good Day today on 8 hr trip. With Grouper and a big mean Cobia.

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Oct 02 2009

Gags on the bite slow trolling this time of year.

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